Arts Students Perform at In-School Concert

The Westwood High School chorus, concert band, and jazz band performed in the annual holiday concert last Friday, December 16th, in the auditorium.  The select a cappella group, Passing Notes, also sang.

All of the groups performed holiday music that displayed their talents and spread holiday spirit in preparation for winter break.

Chorus teacher and Passing Notes Advisor, Rob Goldman, explained, “This practice has been in place for years, even before I started working here.  I think it is so important that the entire school population, the students and faculty, get to experience the hard work the art students put in everyday at school, or even outside of school. It is good for the students performing to perform in front of your peers, they are the most difficult group to perform in front of.”

Senior Rose Kearns, a four-year member of both the chorus and the yearly musicals, echoed these thoughts. She believes, “the chorus as a whole will improve the most and grow as a group when performing in front of their peers, this will be the most difficult performance.”

Passing Notes member, Senior Caroline Barrett, stated, “I love this opportunity to share the talents of the music program with the rest of the school.” Fellow a cappella singer, Senior Lizzy Casavant added, “Not a lot of people know what happens in the music program and this is a good opportunity to share what we have been working on.”

Prior to the in-school concert, students performed shorter versions of the concert for family and friends on Wednesday, December 7th.

Samantha Varkas

Samantha Varkas is a senior at Westwood High School. She enjoys writing both creative pieces and articles for her journalism class. She has been an active member of the swim team for the past four years and is a member of both National Honor Society and Tri-M (Music Honor Society). She also enjoys working with children, which she hopes to continue. She is a camp counselor at the Westwood Recreation Department each summer.

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