Behind the STAT Desk

Walking into the library, it is hard to miss the sight of the STAT desk staffed with upperclassmen students swiveling in tall chairs, diligently screwing and unscrewing small computer parts.

If you are a freshman, you may be wondering who are those kids? Are they in a class? How do they know how to fix my computer?

STAT desk is a fairly new class option here at WHS. It started in 2013 with the launch of the school’s 1 to 1 Chromebook technology program at the school.

It is currently offered as a level one or two class for upperclassmen. Many students decide to take STAT desk as a class based on their interest in working with computers. It is a hands on class, where students actually make a difference by fixing malfunctioning Chromebooks.

Senior Olivia Morgan is a first year STAT desk employee who noted that she took the class because she “wanted something different than the typical academic class of listening and taking notes.”

It is unlike your typical class in the English wing or science section, as it takes place right in the heart of WHS, Ms Percy’s kingdom: the library. The desk is open every block, staffed with new workers during each class. A typical block behind the desk involves working in the library, fixing and returning loaner computers. Senior Eddie Walsh described the job in one word: “chill.”

The most common problems that students come in with are smaller issue such as broken screens, the computer won’t charge, or that the computer won’t turn on. However, Olivia Morgan and Eddie Walsh are aspiring to learn some more complicated fixes, which they will be taught by Ms. Misuta and Mr. Ouellette.

Fellow first year employee Caroline Fitzgerald joked that STAT desk glory is reached when you learn how to fix the legendary motherboard, the complex control center of the Chromebooks. Caroline’s partner, Michael Vitiello, actually got to hold one of these powerhouse motherboards one time and gained major status as an employee.

The employees agreed that they would recommend taking class to underclassmen as it is enjoyable to learn new techniques, fix computers and meet many fellow students in the library.


Emily Dukeman

Emily Dukeman is a senior at WHS. She plays field hockey and softball and is an active member in the Den. She loves Dunkin Donuts and the Pats.

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  • December 5, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Emily, I love this article you wrote about the STAT desk. The best passage: “Caroline’s partner, Michael Vitiello, actually got to hold one of these powerhouse motherboards one time and gained major status as an employee.” Well done!


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