Bobby and the Browns

Despite the continued success he receives on field for the Westwood Football Team, Senior Bob Maughn lives a true football fan’s nightmare: he is a patron fan on the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns, unanimously deemed the worst football team in the National Football League, have a losing streak so long that it dates back to last season. The team lacks solid depth all around and lacks a legitimate starting Quarterback: the nucleus of any successful football program.

Despite this, Maughn maintains a positive mindset and an optimistic view of the porous franchise that consistently breaks its fan’s hearts.

His love for the team dates back to a trip he took to the city of Cleveland a few years ago. He cited interest in the raw talent that the team had possessed and was expecting the Browns to be the sleeper no one had prepared for.

It takes lots of hard work and preparation for Maughn to be able to follow the Brown’s. Up until the NFL’s recent addition of the RedZone channel and GamePass features, the only way Maughn was able to follow the Brown’s game was through the radio and their Twitter. He was so enamored by the team that he would actually sit by his radio listening to the Brown’s games.

He faults the continuity of pitfalls the franchise endures to the influx of general manager’s the team has brought in. He feels like the upper management is constantly at the throats of the coaches, forcing them to start undesirable players and overlooking other potential stars who fit in the scheme the team runs.

Maughn’s favorite Brown is 9x Pro-Bowl attendee Joe Thomas, a perennial fan favorite who embodies the true meaning of being a Brown. He values the leadership that Thomas embodies and respects his dedication to the franchise, despite their losing ways.

It is clear that despite the perpetual losing mentality and the prominent struggles the franchise suffers, Maughn is still confident in his Browns. He expresses enthusiasm in the recent acquisition in the All-Pro linebacker Jamie Collins, and feels that the team is beginning to establish legitimate power at the receiver position thanks to the hands of Terrelle Pryor and Corey Coleman.

In Bob’s world, all is in good hands with the Cleveland Browns.

Evan Smith

Evan Smith is a senior at Westwood High School. He is active in the school's journalism class and is continuously looking to uncover all hidden truths for the schools most pressing stories. Evan enjoys his hamburgers with ketchup, lettuce, and onions - no pickles.

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