Can You Give Me Directions To Muffin Town?

Whilst Marie, the beloved cafeteria employee at Cafe West, loved seeing students happy with amazing muffins from Muffin Town, she is required to follow guidelines and nutrition facts. Sadly, they did not meet these standards, so cafeteria staff had to follow the Westwood High School Cafeteria policy. This means the Muffin Town muffins are no longer available at the school snack line.


Marie gets to the snack line at 6:20 in the morning and turns on all the computers and equipment that she has, including brewing the coffee and getting all the snacks and supplies stocked so that everything is all ready for when the students eagerly rush to the snack line.


For a while now the students of Westwood High School have been wondering where the good muffins went. These muffins were so good because of the soft, moist texture that makes them fall apart in your mouth.


Michael Moylan, a junior and muffin enthusiast, described his experience while eating these muffins: “After one bite you want another, and then another, and once you finish that muffin you would want to buy another one.” Moylan also noticed that one day the muffins came back this year, and he was so eager to obtain one that he told his teacher he was going to the bathroom, but instead he went to “get a hold of these Muffins.” The reason they came back for one day is because the food suppliers messed messed up an order and on accident brought in the Muffin Town muffins.


Many students agreed with Moylan. Joseph Keating, a sophomore with a sweet tooth, said, “Ever since the good muffins have left, the only good food to snack on is pretzels, but now you have to pay 25 cents for honey mustard, which sucks.”


Marie states that her favorite part of working at the snack line is engaging with students because they are always so nice.


We all wish to have these muffins back because the current ones do not compare to the old ones, they are simply too dry and small.


Currently, since the old muffins do not meet the nutrition facts and guidelines of the school, the odds of getting these Muffin Town muffins, sadly, are slim to none, so I encourage all of you to stand up with me to help get these muffins back on our Cafe West shelves!

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