Cast and Crew Prepare for Spring Musical

Throughout the past few weeks, the Westwood High School cast and crew for the upcoming spring musical “Once on This Island” have started preparing for its show days. The play is set to be performed on March 16-18.

The preparations for the musical began with auditions in December. Since then, the cast and crew has been working hard everyday to ensure that the play is a success.

The musical “Once on This Island” is set in the Caribbean Sea and is centered around the love story between peasant girl, Ti Moune, and Daniel Beauxhomme, a man of wealth. These leading roles will be played by juniors Erin Fitzgerald and Michael Lahiff. The musical also uses storytellers, songs, and dance sequences to focus on the power that love has to bring people together. WHS students are excited to portray this story to audiences.

Nikki Ready, senior at WHS, is a storyteller and featured dancer. She commented that process of putting on a show is an arduous task. “We have rehearsals everyday after school, and we have to practice on our own too,” commented Ready. “It’s definitely a lot of work.”

The crew is also putting in their work to make sure the actors are supported by the set of the play. A large part of the crew is drama teacher and director Jim Howard’s Technical Theater class. This class takes place during school hours, and the students help build the set and fix the lighting for the school’s shows.

Senior Samie Griffin is a student in the Technical Theater class. She stated that the crew has been working on the set since December. “We definitely have a long way to go, but it’s going to look really good,” said Griffin. “It’s a very elaborate set, so we have a lot of work to do.”

Howard commented that the cast and crew are extremely busy trying to learn all of their parts and finish the set on time, but he is excited to see the final product. “I am very excited for this musical to showcase the talent we have here at Westwood High,” said Howard.

Elizabeth Billings

Elizabeth Billings is a 17 years old and a senior at Westwood High School. On top of reporting about the events that take place at WHS, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, playing the guitar, and painting.

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