Chorus Brings A Winter Wonderland To WHS

The annual winter concert will be performed at Westwood High School on December 7th, 2016.

Included in the performance are various familiar holiday songs, many of which are Christmas or Hanukkah themed, and a Broadway medley from “Mary Poppins.”  The songs will be accompanied by live instrumental musicians, and for the first time ever, Thurston Middle School’s eighth grade chorus and select chorus, which includes 7th and 8th graders, will collaborate on the medley.  In total, there will be more than 200 singers for this one performance.

The turnout for the night is expected to be a full house since the audience will be a combination of high school and middle school parents.

The process of putting on the winter concert together is no easy task.  Chorus teacher, Robert Goldman, says he enjoys the process even more than the actual performance. At the beginning of the school year, he takes time to get to know the students and then picks out the music afterwards.

According to Goldman, when it gets close to the concert, the rehearsing becomes fast-paced and the class is constantly moving through the songs. Although he says it is tiring, his goal is to really push the chorus to work hard by keeping it high energy.

There are only two rehearsals in the auditorium before the concert because other classes and activities are held in this space during the day. Goldman says that he prefers about seven rehearsals, but he does not have the luxury of doing that.

While the chorus students have about 100 pages of music to memorize and perfect, this upcoming concert seems like one to remember.


Deborah Getachew

Senior at Westwood Highschool

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