Coming Soon: The Westwood Players’ Tribune

At the beginning of next term, the Wolverine Print will be gaining a whole new slew of staff with different perspectives on different stories. One student, senior Brett Middleton, has already begun to think of how he plans to leave his legacy on the paper.

Middleton, known for his Den leadership and excellent school spirit, wants to create a Westwood Players’ Tribune.

The Players’ Tribune, a website founded and run by former baseball star Derek Jeter is dedicated to having professional athletes write articles on a variety of topics. Superstars like Richard Sherman, David Ortiz, Cam Newton, and many others have taken to writing in this excellent experiment.

An active reader of The Wolverine Print, Middleton came up with a brilliant idea in recent weeks: bring The Players’ Tribune to Westwood. He has already pegged several athletes to begin their stories, which range from their success on the gridiron to the dangers of concussions.

Middleton’s goal for the site is simple. He said, “To allow Westwood athletes to write about how they feel. Sports is the most dramatic entertainment in the world because it’s unscripted. However, because it’s unscripted some people don’t get the full story. My goal is to provide is voice to the students.”

Middleton is still looking for athletes to participate in this feature.  If you feel like you have a story to share with the community, contact him at

This new feature is set to debut at the beginning of third term. Make sure you stay tuned to check it out!

Evan Smith

Evan Smith is a senior at Westwood High School. He is active in the school's journalism class and is continuously looking to uncover all hidden truths for the schools most pressing stories. Evan enjoys his hamburgers with ketchup, lettuce, and onions - no pickles.

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