Disappointment for Golf Team in Quest For Repeat

A loss at sectionals on October 23rd ended the season for the Westwood golf team and so ended their quest to repeat as State Champions. In a season that yielded wild confidence from not only team members, but also those that follow the team, it seemed as though a repeat was destined from the start.

Matt Mackin a senior member on the golf team, reflected on his mentality heading into the season. “If anything we thought we’re gonna win it again..a lot of us are kinda cocky about it, but based on our record we have a good chance at defending” he said with clear confidence and authority. According to Mackin, there was widespread confidence throughout the team.

Even though, in sports, confidence is important, some question the overconfidence of the team following their state championship win and wonder if this could have led to their eventual downfall. This was particularly evident in my interview with Mackin when he said “we thought we were gonna end up going 20-0.”

However, there were some who saw this cockiness as negative and tried to push it away.

When asked about his expectations and predictions for the postseason, Sean Beggan, another golf team member replied, “ Well, I don’t wanna jinx it. We’ve got a good shot if we all stay focused. Distractions are going to be the key. We’ve got to stay focused and push those distractions away.”

For some seniors this may be the end of their golf careers, making it an even more devastating loss. However even with this devastation most members of the golf team expressed a more positive outlook after the loss.

For a team that lost in such a disappointing way, there was a certain sense of maturity in my follow up interviews with golf team members.

“It was a tough loss. It was just unfortunate. I thought we played well though, we put up a good fight but we just couldn’t match and we ended up on the wrong side” said Sean Beggan. He seemed disappointed with the loss but proud of the effort the team gave at the same time.

The golf team failed to succeed the hype and expectations placed on them. However, it was a common feeling that they were just beaten and played their best game.

The disappointment of a loss like this will linger in the minds of the Westwood golf team for a long time. This is especially true given that they only lost by three strokes.

A minuscule difference turned what many thought to be a destiny season into a disappointment and sent some golf team members into an early retirement from competitive golf. However, those who look back on this team remember their triumphs from last year as they exit their roles as golf team members at Westwood High School.

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