From Dubai to Room 114: Ms. McGee

Ms. McGee, a new teacher who moved from Dubai, joined the Westwood High School faculty for the 2016-2017 school year.

She had worked for the New England Center for Children, a school for children with Autism. NECC, located in Southborough, has a school in the United Arab Emirates. McGee had the opportunity to work at an International School in Dubai where she was able to do what she loved in a new environment. She thought it was appealing because of the different cultures and knew she would be meeting new people.

The school she worked at had students from all over the world. McGee’s classroom had students with 16 different nationalities, who all spoke different languages.

Citizens in Dubai speak Arabic, which McGee did not know, meaning she had to attend Arabic classes along with her students. When she wasn’t with her students, she was traveling and making new friends that she is still in contact with today. McGee said right before she left to return home, she went skydiving over the city. Another adventure that she went on was to New Zealand. “The most interesting place that I traveled was New Zealand. It was the most beautiful place that I have ever been,” she said.

McGee might be missing the warm weather after returning for her first winter back in Massachusetts. Dubai’s climate during the summer reaches 120 degrees. During the winter, it is about 85 degrees, making it one of her favorite seasons.  She said that being away from friends and family was challenging and decided it was time to return home.  

Once she returned home, McGee got a call about a job at Westwood High School.  She heard that WHS is a great place to work.

After accepting the job she noticed the friendly environment, the support from the staff and the “amazing students,” and she decided this was a great place to work.

Gavin Lombard

I am a senior at Westwood High School. I am on the Swim team. I like articles about dogs.

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