Icy Student Parking Lot Poses Threat to Student Drivers

As the temperatures drop, the student parking lot at Westwood High School is at an increased risk for slippery driving conditions. During cold winter mornings when the parking lot is full with students arriving at school, driving becomes even more dangerous.

Mr. Bevan and the school’s maintenance staff work hard to make the parking lot as safe as possible for drivers, but is their work enough?

With winter weather upon us, students, maintenance, and Mr. Bevan are beginning to prepare for the worst of snowy and icy conditions. Westwood’s Department of Public Works is responsible for clearing the school’s parking lot after snowfall and ensuring that the parking lot is sufficiently salted before students arrive that morning. The facilities staff that cleans the school after hours is responsible for clearing the sidewalks at school.

Senior Samie Griffin called the parking lot in the winter “very dangerous.” She shared that her freshman sister was recently put on crutches. She stated, “Sydney has been on crutches for two days and has almost slipped on the ice both days.”

No matter how dangerous and slippery the parking lot may be, the roads always take precedent.

Mr. Bevan noted some debate among the school committee that early morning plowing was inhibiting the opening of school.

Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly is a senior at Westwood High School. She enjoys riding horses and playing softball. She is also a member of Westwood Ambassadors and Science Team.

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