Latin Class Spreads Festive Spirit

The holiday season is marked by the brightly colored decorations, nonstop festive music, and, at Westwood High School, the Latin IV class caroling tradition.

On December 22nd, seniors taking Latin roamed the halls during H Block, spreading the festive spirit by caroling. The class, taught by Dr. Edward Zarrow, sang some of their favorite holiday songs in Latin to different classes around the school.

Every year, the students pick different songs to sing, dress up in costumes, and perform small skits to each class that they visit. This year, the class sang some of the most popular festive songs, including Santa Baby, Jingle Bells, and Dominick the Donkey. Their costumes includeda Christmas tree, a menorah, and other holiday themed attire.

The process of preparing for the caroling was an arduous task. Senior Paige Walker, a student in Zarrow’s Latin class, said that the students have to pick a song, translate it into Latin, learn the words, and pick out the theme.

“It’s a really fun way to connect with the rest of the school and spread Christmas joy. It’s a really unique thing that no other classes do, and we’re excited about it,” said Walker.

The tradition began 10 years ago when Zarrow started teaching Latin at WHS. Zarrow said that the caroling is a way for students to use their skills in Latin in an unconventional way to celebrate the holiday season. “I always like to find ways to help the students take their Latin outside of the classroom, and this is always a great opportunity for that,” Zarrow commented.


Elizabeth Billings

Elizabeth Billings is a 17 years old and a senior at Westwood High School. On top of reporting about the events that take place at WHS, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, playing the guitar, and painting.

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