Mr. Baldwin Named Assistant to Director of Operations

Greg Baldwin.

The man. The myth. The legend.

And now, the Assistant to Director of Operations.

Coming all the way from South Boston with the dream of becoming a New York Yankee as a youngin, he made his way over to the district of Westwood. Baldwin grew up having the best time of his life as a kid. He was always out playing backyard baseball with friends. He had strict parents who believed in a strong work ethic, which made its way into his mindset. He put this mindset into all the work he did.

When he was 17, he realized he wanted to become an auto mechanic. He then went to school for it and became one. He started working on speed boats and later became an auto mechanic for Ford.

He then later found his way to a job opening in Westwood by walking into the administration building for two weeks straight everyday, waiting for them to give him the job. This was 19 years ago when the superintendent finally recognized Baldwin’s recurring appearance in the administration building. Baldwin was called into the office and was questioned about why he kept walking in the building. Baldwin told him how badly he wanted the job and then the superintendent saw the drive that he had and gave him the job.

“I started off working nights as the junior custodian, then got the day job, I then later got the senior custodian job, and in December I was promoted to the assistance director of operations,” Baldwin recalls. “I’m in charge of all the facilities in the district,” he says of his current position, “everything from maintenance, to events, cleaning, structural needs of heat and systems, furniture.”

Right now Baldwin is doing what he can to enjoy his life. He recently picked up on a new hobby: cooking. He built a professional kitchen in his house and is making all kinds of different foods. Even his friends tell him, “You should become a chef.” He always responds back saying, “No. I love to cook. If you’re a chef, it’s your job… And you’re going to hate it.” 

Greg grew up a funny man who loved to make people laugh. He was always a jokester and still is today.

Senior Vinny Andreatolla recently made an overview video of the man on top of the Segway for his Video Production class. Andreatolla stated, “Mr. Baldwin is the glue that holds this school together. Without him I don’t think anything would get done around here… He is a true human being, he really is. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

The man, the myth, the legend.

Greg Baldwin.

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