Mrs. Furber Retires

Mrs. Furber, beloved history teacher at Westwood High School, retired on November 30th.

Mrs. Furber taught for 39 years and had been at WHS for 31 years. At the start of this school year, she was the longest teaching teacher at WHS.

She said now is the time to retire because her husband is retired and her granddaughters are older, and she would like to spend more time with them.

What she will miss most about WHS is the interaction with the students, staff, and all the laughter in the history department.

The students will miss her also.  Senior Talia Bornstein, said, “She’s leaving, I’m going to miss her so much. I love her!”

While waiting for her retirement, Mrs. Furber filled many positions. She substituted for some teachers, took Mrs. Hanlon’s position some days, and supervised in the library.  

Furber stated that she is very proud of this place. “When you’re here, you don’t realize how much you will miss this place. Many parents who went to WHS want to come back and be a part of the system,” she said.


Nicole Erickson is a senior at Westwood High School.

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