New Chromebooks Taking Hold at Westwood High

Westwood High School’s Technology Department has received an overwhelmingly positive response since changing the Chromebooks used by the senior and freshman classes over the summer.  

As opposed to the old Samsungs, the new Asus Chromebooks are reported to be faster, sturdier, and boast a drastic increase in battery life. There have been only two recorded instances of cracked screens in the newer models. This comes as a stark contrast to the almost daily occurrences of necessary repairs last year.

As for the current junior (Class of 2018) and sophomore (Class of 2019) grades, they can expect to see their Chromebooks switched when they enter their senior years. According to Steve Ouellette, Westwood Public School’s Director of Technology, the Chromebooks will continue to be in use on a “three year cycle,” which provides the best combination of updated technology and maximized usage of the devices.

While many of the Chromebooks that the senior students turned in over the summer are currently unusable, many others still have some usefulness left in them. These Chromebooks are most likely to eventually end up being used in the elementary schools and for standardized testing purposes, as most of the newer standardized tests take place online.

Currently, the majority of the old Chromebooks that are in use are being used as loaners at the high school. If you forget your Chromebook, or you need something fixed, you will most likely be receiving a Samsung Chromebook for temporary use.


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