Robotics Team Prepares for New Season

On January 7th, the Westwood High School Robotics Team officially started its season.

Robotics season is different than that of a sport season as there is a six-week building process before any actual competition takes place.

Once the building process is done, the Robotics Team will go to placement matches. These matches determine whether the team will go to regionals, nationals, or potentially internationals.

In order to qualify for any of these levels, the robot will be required to partake in several different activities.

Senior Andrew Cabey described the placement matches. He said, “There are two halves, the autonomous half, and the teleoperated half. For the autonomous part, the robot has to play on it’s own with no human interaction. For the teleoperated part, a human driver controls the robot. They will drive it around in order to do stuff. It will have to transport a gear around, shoot balls into a target and climb a rope.”

The placement matches are not always individual. They usually end up having three teams combine to form an “alliance” and two alliances will compete against each other in order to win.

Building a robot is no easy task. The team is working tirelessly in order to meet the deadline. Cabey said,“We have limited time, space and funding. We need to develop a strategy that will provide us with a viable way to build the robot.”

The team is currently in the very early stage of building and will need to start soon if they want to have it ready for competition.

Their current goal is to qualify for regionals. Although they would like to go farther, they simply do not have enough funding to be able to build a robot that will be advanced enough to go all the way to internationals.


Mike Vitiello

Michael Vitiello is a senior at Westwood High School. In the fall and winter, he runs for the track team. During the spring, he is captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team. He is a member of several clubs and enjoys hanging out with his friends in his free time.

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