Senior privileges: Students Let Loose On A Whole New Level

A new year turns a new leaf for the responsibilities of the seniors, giving them free reign over their free time throughout the day. New privileges this year allow seniors, and only seniors, to leave during their triple lunch periods.

Privileges are granted to students in good academic standing, as well as being under the tardy limit. As students progress through high school, they accumulate more and more privileges. If a senior is in good standing, they have the ability to come in late when they have a free block first, leave school early when they have a free block last, and take advantage of a brand new privilege: leaving school for lunch during a free block.

With doubts about how the students would behave while gone for lunch, administration reports that there have been no issues. Mrs. Meoli, the main office ‘checker in’ of students, said “So far so good,” as she reported no problems with students leaving and coming back on time and in a respectable manner.

Although seniors should be the ones who know the rules best, Meoli said “Some kids, all seniors, aren’t checking in anymore, they all know they need to and it just leads to problems later.” Although this does not have an affect on privileges, it has an affect on the administration and their ability to keep track of students.

While the seniors are enjoying their exclusive privileges, administration is watching and waiting. If there continues to be no problems with the senior class, they are willing to extend open campus to the junior class. However, senior Ian Williams had different thoughts on the topic. “Juniors shouldn’t get triple lunch, it’s a senior privilege. We had to wait for it, and so should they” He said with slight irritation.

Despite the selfish cries from the seniors, administration is still fond of the juniors getting triple lunch. “The school just keeps getting smaller because as the classes grow, there just isn’t anywhere for the kids to go” said Meoli, giving insight on how the new privileges are not just about granting freedom, but also avoiding the overcrowding in the cafeteria, library, and other popular spaces in the school.

Space in the high school is depleting as more and more kids come up through the system, finding a way to fit them all comfortably is a challenge. This year, open campus was the solution, but who knows what the next fix will be. Privileges are not only presented for the happiness of students, but also act as an underlying fix to the overpopulated school.

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