Senioritis Plagues WHS

With early deadlines for college applications finished, the end of term one brings much relief for students, but for seniors and their teachers, a new challenge awaits: senioritis.

Senioritis is the mindset that plagues many graduating seniors, whereby they become too comfortable, often forgetting to do their work or simply choosing not to. For seniors, term one grades often represent a full year’s worth of grades, since it is what colleges tend to see most. For this reason, term one is often the most stressful.

Students tend to put forth strong effort for the first few months of school, but as the school year ensues, work ethics always seem to get worse. For Westwood High School senior Andrew Dunn, senioritis is already beginning to set in. He said, “Ever since I sent in my college applications, my motivation has been very low.”

Dunn stated that he feels as if there is less to work for now that he has already applied to college. He said that the hardest place to maintain focus is at home. Dunn stated, “Homework is where the main problem lies. Once you leave school at 2:02, as a senior, it is very hard to maintain focus at home.”

Dunn has started looking for ways to limit the damage of senioritis. He claims he usually sets one day per week to get as much work done as possible.

For teachers, the issue of senioritis is something that they must deal with annually. They are pressed with the challenge of keeping students engaged and excited throughout the latter half of their senior year.

As the school year progresses, we can only expect to see the effects of senioritis become more and more prevalent.

Dan Dempsey

Dan Dempsey is 18 years old and a Senior at WHS. In addition to reporting on the news around the school, Dan likes to play soccer, listen to music and hangout with friends.

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