Superintendent Antonucci Moves On To Duxbury

Dr. John Antonucci, our beloved superintendent, has decided to move on from Westwood to become the superintendent of Duxbury Public Schools effective July 1st to enhance his professional growth and development.

Antonucci said, “Please know that my desire to ‘test the waters’ is solely about my own professional growth and development, and not a reflection of my job satisfaction. In fact, I have never felt better about the Westwood Public Schools.”

He continued to say, “I’m most proud of the culture of excellence that has been created in this school where excellence is just the expectation and the opportunity to contribute to this culture of excellence by employing top notch faculty.”

The goals he’s going to set forth as the Superintendent of Duxbury are to initially get to know the community and its needs, make a commitment to excellence just as he has here in Westwood, and be a community leader.

As many students just think superintendents may call your home on snow days to cancel school, they actually have a lot of responsibilities. Antonucci described the overall role as being the CEO of the school, the top of hierarchy, and the one who calls the shots with financing and budget.

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