Too Many Charity Drives?

Throughout the month of December, Westwood High School students participated in so many charity drives that a cap could be placed on the number of drives simultaneously occurring.

Collection boxes overcrowded offices and hallways, as well as an abundance of unmanageable emails, prompted administrators to have to say “no” to students wanting to host drives.

As a part of her Literature, Ethics, and Action class, Senior Shannon McLaughlin wanted to collect feminine products for Rosie’s Place, a women’s homeless shelter in Boston.  She said, “[Mr.] Bevan and [Ms.] Davenport said they don’t want my drive to be unsuccessful or people to be overwhelmed with the mount of drives going on.”

According to Principal Sean Bevan, “At one point in time, four different students or student groups asked to run collections drives simultaneously. Most are not charities. They are instead individual students or clubs who develop an idea for collecting items for an outside agency or charity.”

Bevan also expressed concern about taxing Westwood families. He said, “Our families are very generous, but there is a limit to how much a single community can be expected to contribute at one time.”

A protocol for selecting and capping charity drives is not yet established. Bevan said, ““I don’t have a single number in mind. I would have to weigh proposed drives against other drives happening simultaneously.” He also noted a need to avoid having multiple clubs or individuals asking for similar items at the same time.


Nicole Erickson is a senior at Westwood High School.

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