Westwood High School Aims to Help Students De-Stress

A de-stress table was designated in the library two weeks ago by Principal Sean Bevan and Librarian Liz Percy to give students the option to take a mental break during their busy school days.

Bevan said, “There are a lot of changes happening in American libraries – they are not only places to check out books – and one of them is that the spaces are being viewed as multi-functional, collaborative, and community-oriented.”

Bevan modified this idea so that WHS’s library has a space where students can relieve their stress. He stated, “I was hoping that they [the tables] would provide an outlet for kids who have some idle time, because sometimes that idle time or boredom can manifest itself in misbehavior.”

The table has a variety of activities such as coloring books, puzzles, and board games. While these games are intended to relieve stress in students, Bevan noted, “All of the activities we introduced – games and puzzles – have cognitive benefits that are good for all people, but especially for young people.”

One of the most popular activity from the table is the board game, Mancala. Throughout the day, students from all grades can be seen playing the game during free blocks. Senior Jordan Jud criticized the game. Jud said, “It takes away from time I could be doing my homework.”

Due to the success of the activities, Percy has requested that more games be ordered.

Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly is a senior at Westwood High School. She enjoys riding horses and playing softball. She is also a member of Westwood Ambassadors and Science Team.

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