WHS Library: For Studying or Socializing?

As fourth block hits, students rush into the library. They are laughing, yelling and glued to their phones. Friends gather and boisterously discuss their day at school. In a time where students’ grades overwhelm their lives, the most important study space in Westwood High School is used for socializing.

“Students study in the library?” Ms. Percy, the librarian, said in a joking manner. High achieving WHS senior, Chris Moore, said he does not usually go to the library. “I’ll usually go to the project lab, or I go to the cafeteria to get my work done” Moore said. 

However, another WHS senior, Tim Kearns, discussed the positive sides of the Library’s social norms: “It’s a comfortable place to go during frees. Especially since there aren’t many other places to sit during free.” It seems as though the library is the place to go for students to socialize, which could be good for students during free blocks if they are seeking a break from studying and academics.

According to Percy the students are meant to keep their voice at a respectable level; no devices, and no mugs without a cover. She also said that “there is a lot of echo in the library,” which could contribute to the noise in the library.

In a world where it seems like teenagers are constantly working for a grade in order to get into a certain college, studying is vital. For many students it’s difficult to study in a loud space.

When asked about the noise level Moore said, “Yes, it is very difficult to study in the library.  There are too many people talking and socializing.” From his perspective, if students want to get serious work done, the library is not the best option. However the persisting issue is that there are many kids at WHS and not enough room for both their studying and socializing needs.

Some alternate places to study in the school include the project lab, writing lab, math seminar or the cafeteria. As the students of WHS look toward the rest of the school year, it will be interesting to see how the role of the library changes. In the meantime, the search for the perfect study space at WHS continues.

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